Consequences of invalidating environments

Therapists plan treatment with clients in efforts to establish meaningful goals and a strategy to reach them.

Treatment planning continues as long as the client keeps returning for therapy sessions and can also help clients engage in change efforts beyond therapy.

Given the vast range of psychoactive drugs and alcohols and the complexity of individual behavior, not every treatment context can be specified nor can efficacy be guaranteed; however the course will prepare the clinician with useful ideas and tools for planning collaboratively with clients with a wide spectrum of substance use disorders and concerns.The first course covers substance use assessment, and this second course facilitates treatment planning when an assessment indicates a problem associated with the client’s substance use.While the two courses comprise a highly compatible sequence of continuing education opportunities, each course can also stand alone as a fully contained training module relevant to a specific aspect of professional practice with the population of clients exhibiting symptoms of disordered substance use.To that end, the therapist structures the task at hand by helping the client identify a range of available options, and by encouraging the client to make informed choices from among those alternatives.In addition to increasing the client’s knowledge, the therapist also plans treatment to boost the client’s sense of self-efficacy, so that clients will have some confidence in their abilities to make good choices and to implement plans of action.

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Noting that clients who misuse alcohol or other drugs often exhibit low confidence and/or low motivation for altering their behavior, the course offers specific objectives aimed at goals of increasing self-efficacy and motivation for change.

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